Activity Blitz

Activity-based teaching and learning is an evidence-based pedagogical approach known for engaging students through participatory instruction. Each year we make a concerted effort to bring you a variety of activities our own graduate student instructors and alumni have used while teaching. Such activities, which are both creative and fun, can be readily adapted for use in almost any classroom. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Activity Blitz presentations include:

  1.  Common Ground by Marino Mugavar-Baldocchim
  2. Do Now by Sara Babad
  3. Extraversion and Facebook Friends: An Activity to Teach Students about Variables by Elizabeth Che
  4. What’s the Point of Random Assignment? by Jeremy Sawyer 
  5. Manuscript Builder: A Digital Pedagogical Tool to Support Writing Instruction by Teresa Ober
  6. Using Children’s Books to Teach Gender Development by Danielle Denigris
  7. Education, Learning, and Development: Revealing the Practical Relevance of Theoretical Knowledge with Skinner, Piaget, and Vygotsky by Mike Rifino
  8. The Moral Reasoning of YouTube Comments by Sarah Frantz
  9. Investigating Community Health Online by Tanzina Ahmed
  10. “Superfight” as Mod: Music Melee by Carolyn Stallard
  11. Selfie Museum Report by Davide Giuseppe Colasanto


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Activity Blitz 2018