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Pedagogy day is an annual conference dedicated to providing doctoral students with the knowledge, skills, and resources to teach effectively in undergraduate classrooms.


Conference Vision Statement

The vision of Pedagogy Day was inspired by three main goals. The first is to provide doctoral students in Psychology with the knowledge, skills, and resources to teach effectively in City University of New York undergraduate classrooms. The conference aims to deepen one’s thinking about pedagogy as an essential component of doctoral training and professional training. With the majority of CUNY doctoral students employed as course instructors during their graduate studies, it is necessary to create a strong foundation in student-centered pedagogy. This conference adds to the momentum created by the Graduate Student Teaching Association (GSTA), which strives to stimulate discussions around innovative ways to improve pedagogical practices.

Our second goal is to improve the teaching of psychology in the diverse CUNY undergraduate classroom by exposing doctoral students to evidence-based teaching strategies and techniques, while also engaging faculty to think about mentorship and about their own classroom teaching practices. With an incredibly diverse student body dispersed throughout all of New York City, it is essential that graduate students and faculty commit to working together to nurture and enhance the experiences of the undergraduates in their classes.

A third goal of Pedagogy Day is to encourage collaboration across psychology and related disciplines by building a comprehensive network of doctoral students and faculty currently employed as instructors in various academic departments throughout CUNY who can collectively support each other in the classroom. As an annual conference in its sixth consecutive year, Pedagogy Day aims to provide a forum for students of psychology and related fields to come together, bridging their respective academic disciplines, to collectively think about how they teach and how students learn.


Organized by the Graduate Student Teaching Association (GSTA) & The Graduate Center, CUNY

The Graduate Student Teaching Association is the student affiliate organization of APA Division 2: Society for the Teaching of Psychology (STP). It provides psychology graduate student teachers and teaching assistants with an array of services to hone their teaching skills.


Conference Archive:

2019: Transformative Pedagogy

2018: Constructing a New Pedagogy for Today’s Students

2017: Cross-Pollinating Teaching & Research

2016: Student Centered Teaching

2015: Student Activism and Engagement


Last but not least, the Teaching Activity Blitz showcases graduate students’ creative activities! View the archives for past presentations here


Volunteers and interested students are encouraged to join the Pedagogy Day committee and assist with communications/outreach, registration, and set-up of venue on the day of the event!

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Pedagogy Day Conference